Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Fun!!!!

On Sunday night I went Hunting with Decker (if thats what you call it) Just me and him, No kids, it was great except for the fact that it rained on us that night and our tent had two leaks in it!! So I stayed up all night worrying about my sleeping bag getting wet so I didn't go out that morning with Decker (whats the point he didn't get anything like normal)

On Saturday we went over to Heather's house for a BBQ. Of course Decker was off hunting so it was just me and the girls.

On Friday night we went to Jumpin' Jacks. The girls had so much fun:) Allie at first did not want anything to do with it but got use to after a while and we couldn't get her to leave. The big slide there was the big hit of the night for our family. I uploaded a video of Allie and Tavie dancing it is so cute..... Make sure you watch it!!

Allie and Abrie in the jumping house, They loved it in there:)

Decker told Allie to tackle what ever that is and she got confused and tickled it!!

Daddy helping Allie go down the slide!!

Going down the slide with the girls:)
Allie jumping in the jump house!

Tavie sitting long enough for me take a picture!!
Heather, Jessica and Tara

This is so cute of Allie and Tavie "Shakin' It"


Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

Looks like they got skills better keep your eye on them ;)

Traci said...

Shake it girlies...they are so cute. Love the video. Tell your mom Hi for me and tell her she looks GREAT...I haven't seen her since! Hey don't forget I tagged you;)

John and Cassi said...

Thanks for the workout today...I almost fell down the stairs. My legs are so weak. Good job Jillian! CUTE BLOG! thanks for all your help!!!

Matt and Marti Jo said...

wow look at those dance moves! Your blog is way cute!

Lindsay said...

I have been wanting to go there for awhile. Looks like tons of fun. We are definatly going to have to try it.

jakeandsteph said...

that is a cute hunting pic of you two you should frame it. looks you had such a fun weekend.the girls are so cute dancing!!!!

Chris & KayDee said...

Ya the good ol day's of hunting. I don't know why the guys seem to think that it is fun for us especially when they always get NOTHING!
I heard that jumpin jaxz thing was fun. Will have to try it out when Saidee gets older!

hayley. said...

Allie is the cutest ever! She made my day today! I'm excited to see her and Tavie at the game :) Love you guys!!

Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

To answer your ? There is a website it will take your posts straight from your blog and it allows you to create a book. I digital scrapbook mine then put them into the book it's the cheapiest price I have found. All my journaling ideas come from If you have any more ?'s my email is Hope I answered some of them. :)

Heather Hansen said...

We sure have a lot of fun huh!! I thought your game pics would be on here by now, anyways Tavie was so cute at the game she did so good!! Thanks for all the blog fun, and the workout!! (I think)