Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Park and Rodeo

This year at the Rodeo was so much fun, I think mainly cause my kids are old enough to stay entertained on their own. We went on Saturday night and the opening flag ceremony was so awesome, I always get a little emotional when it comes to that kind of stuff, but it was really cool to see the Army tank out in the arena. I am grateful for this country and all the soldier that risk their life's for our freedom!! The events were good, but I am going to have to say that the saddle bronc horse riding was the best event this year for me. We got so into it that we had to tell the kids down the way to sit down so we can see the show:)

Me and my girls!

Allie refused to get in this picture, and we all know that she is the boss!!

Talen is always good to help out with the girls, Allie loved to see the horses!

Heather, Tara, Jamie and Jessica

On Friday night we went to the park. We went to the new one in town. We had so much fun, it reminds me of toys I would see if I were in space. Everything spins!!!

Decker had Talen going so fast on this thing that when we got home he did not feel to good.

Tavie hangin' up side down:)

Even I had to participate in the fun!!


Heather Hansen said...

Love the pictures!! The rodeo was so much fun!! We definately need to make it a tradition because that was a good time!!!

jakeandsteph said...

hey your camera did awesome at night!! and the rodeo looked fun we should have got off our lazy butts and gone!

Buddy and Traci said...

Tara ~ I love that you add new stuff so often. I feel like I see you guys all the time...even though I don't:( keep it up! xoxo

Chris & KayDee said...

Looks liek you guys had fun! I totally forgot about the rodea this year! I miss going. YOu are going to have to remind me or invite us next year :)

Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

So fun oh all the Regis girls I miss. If I ever make it back down for other than a weekend we all need to go to lunch or something.

The Frei's said...

We were at your house saturday watching the parade for swiss days...where were you guys! Of course blake and boots were getting just as much candy as tavie and allie :)