Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pedicure night!

Last night I decided to bust out the foot spa and give myself a much needed pedicure. All of you that have little girls know that they too will want their nails painted, so the girl started their nails and some how Tavie had talked Decker into letting her paint his toes, and there fore Talen felt like it would be okay if Allie painted his toes. So yes the whole family got their toes painted!

Deckers toes (and skin) after Tavie was done!

Moms Wedding!!!

My Mom finally got married....of course over Memorial weekend so none of the boys could be there cause the had to run the fence out in Panguitch ( if any of you know my grandpa than you know why fence comes before weddings!) Its was nice to go down and support my Mom!

my NEW family!

When my Mom and Rob got home from vacationing my Aunt Robbin had a BBQ for them!


The girls had to make up for the boys ruining the picture!

Us with grandma and grandpa

Talens 5th grade graduation

Can you believe that Talen will be in 6th grade next year? Wow, time is flying by when I met Decker he was 3 yrs old. and now he is growing into a young man. We are so proud of Talen he is such a great student and trys hard and gets great grades!