Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

Kinda of out of order but thats least I am updating! You are probably going to think that I am divorced cause there is not a single picture of Decker in one of this pictures...but dont worry it just hunting season! So much has gone on and I hope I got most everything posted and updated! Allie started Preschool this year and loves it! I cant believe my little Baby is growing up...I am not okay with it!
Allies first day of Preschool

Tavie started 1st grade this year! It took her a while to get use to the all day thing! she would come home so tired. She also loves school, especially the social part of it!

She is such a pretty little girl!

I also completed a 20 mile race......

Amy, Becky, Heather, me and Steph

My cute cowgirl!

I dont know where she learned to pose...but it was cracking me up! she made the horse at school so she thought she was pretty awesome!

Me with my girls at the Rodeo!

I love this catches their sisterly love!

Allie with Grandma and Rick


Grandpa and Grandma Frei with the girls at the parade!
Grandpa and the girls setting up for the parade!

Way to cool!

Waiting for candy!


Me and the girls getting ready to go down to Vegas for the races!

Allie proving to me that she can plug her own she didnt have to wear ear plugs!

Me, Vicky, Dad, Rz, Trissy, Allie, Tavie, and Kenzi

Me and the girls agian!

Tavie, Lexi, Brody, Cassi, Me and Allie at the races...waiting for them to start

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I can't even get mad!

So I go in the living room and see something on the ground, pick it up to throw it away and discover it is one of the vinyl letters off my prayer sign (which is one of my favorites) instantly I am a little angry. I wanted to make sure that it is what I it is, so I head over to the sing. And look what I found.....I cant get mad at that! Here is what I think happened Allie tore of the letters off a big R and the s and t in stand. Tavie being the peace maker tried to cover up Allies wrong doing by grabbing the black magic maker and write the letter in. The letter I found was the "t" but turn it around and it look like a "f"! Tavie is very clever, I still haven't said anything cause I am so taken my the act of kindness Tavie does, she is like that with everything, Allie messes it up and Tavie fixes it so she doesn't hurt any ones felling and doesn't get in trouble! I love my girls so much they always keep me on my toes!