Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoying the Snow!!

Last Saturday we went tubing. It was so much fun I love going. The weather was perfect, the sun was out and kept all of us warm. Tavie of course was the first one to get hurt, but she still wanted go down the hills. Allie loved to go down and would cry if she wasn't on the tube every second:) Talen took off with the boys with no time for pictures!

Decker with his girls
Talen going down the hill

Kyler, Talen and Austin getting pulled by a 4-wheeler on a car hood!

Kyler, Kajin, Talen and Allie taking a hot chocolate break!

Look at the snow! It was beautiful:)

Austin, Kajin, Kyler and Talen

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas !!!

For Christmas Eve this year I put my kids in the Christmas program, my kids loved it and they all did so well on their songs and dancing. Afterwards we waited around to see Santa, But we could only stay for Allie to go sit on his lap. She did great, we all thought she would cry but she loved him and even gave him a big hug. After the program we went to Hurricane. Decker's family always does a dinner with the whole family. From there we went to Decker's parents house to open present from the cousins. It gets pretty exciting for us around the holidays, but its always worth it!

Talen, Tavie and Allie before the Christmas program.

Allie with Santa

Cale and Talen at the Christmas Eve dinner opening their presents

Talen on Christmas morning

Tavie and Allie on Christmas morning....Santa brought both of them Baby Alive!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What, snow in Saint George!!

I finally gave into the kids and let them go play in the snow. Since school was canceled I thought what the Heck. It has been along time since I have seen snow like that in town. It was so fun to go outside and play in the snow and build a snow man (who knew that the snow balls could be so heavy!) It is starting to feel like Christmas!

The kids Snowman, alot of work went into making him. good job kids!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So tonight was the night that we finally got the tree up. The kids have been begging for days now. We got all the boxes out and started to decorate when I realized that we were missing a couple of boxes.... So no stocking among other things!

This was Allie going through all the old Stockings ( you know the ones that you buy to match each time you have a new baby) it was so funny she would put it on her foot and ask "is this my stocking?" Decker was was going in and out trying to find the lost boxes and when he would pass her she would say "Dad, where is my stocking?" It was quite cute!

This was the girls helping to separate all the tree branches, Tavie wanted to do the very top!

This is the finished product, I had to throw together different things from each year (the ones I could find) to decorate.

What we do on Sundays!

Tavie and Allie love to play house, Tavie is always the Mom and Allie is always the baby. They do each others hair and nails. I only hope that they are this good of friends when they grow up.
I love this picture of Tavie, but she looks so grown up:)

Allie tried on the skates, not to bad for her first time with both skates on. She usually puts one on and pushes with the other leg, like a skate board!

Tavie has such a great Dad, He played two games with her and I think he even let her win!!