Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is the luck!!!

I wish this picture was a little clearer, but I didn't have time to and zoom and all that good stuff cause I had to get to the doctor...... Yes, that is a tick in Tavies head! Sick, I know!! So when we went camping last weekend I guess Tavie wanted to take home a little piece of nature with her. How did I not see it before you might ask. Well Tavie is at the point where she washes her own hair and for school on Monday she wanted me to leave her hair down, so I simply just brushed it. Well Today I decided to put her hair in pig tails so as I was parting it down the middle.... there it was... at first I thought she had bumped her head and it was dry blood so I touched it. I know I wanted to die after I saw its little legs start moving, but I had to be strong for Tavie cause she was not okay with a tick in her head... but who would be right? So off to the doctor we went and he pulled it out with tweezers and yes it was still alive and crawling on the napkin. Poor Tavie, I swear everything happens to that girl! I now owe her a trip to the dollar store for going to the doctor. Great job Tav!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Camping!!

This year for Easter we went camping, the weather was a hit and miss but all together we had a great weekend.

This is Decker helping the girl fly their kites that they got on their egg hunt!

The girls had a blast egg hunting in the mountains!

We colored eggs on Saturday when it was raining

Luckily the weather cleared out before dinner, so we could still dutch oven!