Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washing the truck

On Tuesday when I went and picked Talen up from school, he had this great idea to surprise his Dad with washing his truck!! I was a great plan, and the girls were excited to help:) I took some pictures and was going to take some more at the end with the finished product but I had put my camera on top of my car with the towels to dry the truck and Tavie grabbed one of the towels and off went my camera onto the ground where it will forever rest!! Tavie was really sad and so was I. Then I realized that it was a blessing. I needed I new camera ( I don't know how much Decker agrees with this but, hey, he has plenty of toys:) So the truck looked great after the kids got done. Talen was so excited for Decker to come home so he can see his dirty truck clean.

Monday, August 25, 2008

With school starting I haven't taken much pictures, pretty much cause we don't do anything!!

Allie loves to put hats on like her Dad:)

Say Cheese Tavie!!

And her Dads shoes:)

Allie, Tavie and Abrie

Savannah, Lexi and Allie

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day of school!!

I can't believe that my little Tavie is in kindergarden. She is so excited about it!! I thought I was strong enough to let her go (you know the " it will be a nice break!") but I was wrong I am not ready for her to be so big. When I dropped her off yesterday, I walked her up to her class room and she looked at me and said "bye Mom" didn't even think twice about it. I stood there in shock. She just looked at me like "okay, you can leave now". It was hard to hold back the tears!

This is actually Talen's second day of school.

This is the day that Tavie went and to meet her teacher and get know where her class is.

Monday, August 11, 2008

camping with Dad!!!

Last weekend Decker took Talen and Tavie up camping to scout for the BIG ONE!! This isn't Talens first rodeo so he of course knew what he was doing. On the other hand this was Tavies first time going camping with out her mom or a trailer. Decker said she was really worried what she would do if she if started missing her mom to much!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

At the park

We went to the Park the other day and the weather was great. We all had a great time!! I can't believe that Tavie will be starting kindergarten in less than a week. How time flys:) Allie and I are going to be lost without her here to entertain us.

Allie, Abrie and Lexi

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer days!!

Allie and Lexi were inseparable at our little swim party on Saturday night!

I love when I get to act like one of the kids!!

Allie and Abrie!!
Tavie loved to swim in this big tube thing. I dont even know what it was
but it was a big hit in Tavie's eyes

Decker on the skim board!! He was acually pretty good.

Tavie got hurt at the party( when does she not when we are out trying to socialize).

We went to the splash pad with some of our friends and the kids had a great time!!

Tavie learns how to swim!!

I am so excited that our little Tavie has finally figured out how to swim,
Thanks to Tiffany!! It is such a relieve not to have to worry any more if
she doesn't have her floates on.
She is all about jumping off of the rocks!!

Allie waited so patiently every day for two weeks, while Tavie was in her class
by the last couple of days she was done with swim lessons.