Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hurricane Half Marathon

Yeah, I finished! I did way better than I thought! I was hoping for 10 mins. per mile and I did 9:45 mins. per mile which put me at 2:07:50.5! I am way excited I did that good....I really surprised myself. The course was up hill for the first 6 miles so I really struggled at first! But the last 7 miles were smooth sailing! NOT, mentally I struggled through the whole race and the last 3 miles dragged on and on. But hey I finished and that is all that matters plus I can feel myself getting stronger as a runner and a little faster!

This was the only picture Decker got of the run!

Stephanie, me and Becky

My awesome husband, who got up and got three kids ready and was at the finish line by 7:45 a.m. (last time I told him a time to be there, he missed me cause I had a really good run and finished before he got there. He wasn't going to have that happen again!)

Me with my wonderful supportive family! Love you guys!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Tavie started baseball this last week.....she is such a cute little player!
ready for her first game

going after the ball

Easter Weekend

Friday we took the kids and went four wheeling and hiking....we went up to see the Indian writing up in the caves, Allie taught that was the neatest thing ever!

We also had a Easter egg hunt out in the mountains...the kids loved it and I did too!

Talens Track Meet

Talen had his track meet last Thursday and did a awesome job he took 2nd in the 200 meter race and 1st in the 50 meter race. He was so excited to win and we were so proud of him for giving it his all! Great Job Talen!

Talen and Kyler getting ready for the 50 meter race!

These two are inseparable either it be at home or school!

Talen finishing the 200 meter race

Las Vegas

A couple of weekends ago I took the kids to Las Vegas for a little get away! They had so much fun, we went to the M&M Factory, the flower exhibit at the Bellagio and of course Chucky Cheese!
Everything at the exhibit was made of some sort of flower, it was really neat!

We were to early to watch the we just took pictures!

Allie on the "M"
Waiting to get into the 3D movie

At the 3D movie

This was Tavies favorite part of the factory...Vicky had to go with her cause it made me to Dizzy!

Friday Night lights...They had a blast!

Allies Birthday!

My Little Allie turned 4 years old on March 1oth...I cant believe how big girl she is getting! She is so fun and smart. She has her Dad's funny personality with her Moms Sassy attitude, so there is never a dull moment with Allie around! We love her so much!

Allie getting ready for her party!
Allie with grandma and grandpa Frei!

Allie with Grammy

Opening presents!

And the cake...the next day she ask if she could have another Birthday cause it is so much fun!