Monday, October 5, 2009

STG Marathon

I am proud to say that I Finished my first Marathon.....Here is my story. At 1 o'clock the morning of the marathon I woke up with the flu.....I know, LUCKY ME! I thought maybe it was nerve and dealt with and got ready for my run, on the ride up to the start line I tried to eat a bananas and drink some water (put something back into my body) but my Stomach was not taking it, I knew at this point that is was more than nerves (both my girls stayed home from school on Thursday with the flu) by this point there was no turning I freakin' trained my butt off and spent tons of money on running there was no way I was quiting!!! When I started running I was not doing so hot! I knew it was 7 miles to Veyo and Decker would be there so I had to make it to that point....well when I got there my Dad and his wife Vicky were there with Decker totally surprised me! I was so happy to see them all that I kept on going ( I couldn't quit when people drove from out of town to see me run) Well 10-11 miles into it I was done I had no energy my body was rejecting everything I put into it and I wanted nothing more than to go home! My next stop was Snow Canyon and once again I knew Decker would be there, I told my self that I just needed to get to him and than I would have him take me home! Well I did make it to him and right on the time I told him I would be there too (so I was still on track to be done in 4:30:00)! He talked me into finishing, he told me he would wait as long as it took me to get to the finish line, just finish! He was right my girls were there waiting for me and that is all it took for me to get my butt back into gear! about mile 18 I stated feeling half way good. My body was letting me put fluids in and I was lucky enough to find Heather, one of my running group friends and off we went. It was most definitely hard and I wanted to quit and the hills absolutely killed me but I finished and that is all the matters to me 5:07:57 was my time, next time hopefully I don't get sick!
Me and Heather coming down Bluff Street!
Passing through the Finish line!

Having a special moment with my husband, without him I would of quit I am so glad he was there to support me!

Our beautiful, wonderful little family!

All my support group! Rz and Trissy are not in this picture but were at mile 21 cheering me on!
*There are no word to describe how cool of a feeling it is to cross the finish line, all the people around cheering you on. Also how cool it looked from my point of view running 26.2 miles with 5600 people, you look in the front of you and see tons and equally as many for the back view. It was a awesome experience and now that I fell better I might actually do it again! Thanks to all that came and supported me (I really needed it) I have the best Family and Friends a girl could ask for!