Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Games!

Decker played in the Summer games yesterday, it was a all day event....but it was so fun to go and watch! Through wind, rain....then a little bit of sun and back to wind and rain they took home thrid place....pretty good for just a bunch of OLD guys!

Decker batting

Decker at first base

The whole team!

The little girls playing after the rain!

Allie done with the day, she wouldn't let the metal out of her site!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ride 'em Cowgirls!!!!

We want to thank Hunter for being such a awesome cousin and taking the girls out for a ride on the horse. Tavie was so excited, from the time she woke up and every hour all I heard was "is it time to go meet Hunter so we can ride Kid." They had such a good time,from trying to track Kid down to patiently waiting for their turn! Thanks again Hunter, your the Best!

Hayden, AnnDee, Allie and Tavie

The girl with some grass, So Kid would want to come over! Don't worry they were all to
scared to have the horses eat out of their hands, but couldn't figure out to drop the grass so
the horse would leave them alone!
Hunter getting Kid saddled up!

Tavie going on her ride,

AnnDee on her ride,

And my little Allie on her ride!

I love this picture of Allie and Hunter

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am so thankful that I can blog about this and can say that my mom crawled out of the Hummer with only a scratch on her elbow. I will start from the begin..... My mom has been staying in Panguitch in the trailer for the last week. So Decker and I and the kids went up again last weekend , we left our trailer there on Memorial knowing we would be back to get and finish the weekend off with my Mom. So on Sunday morning we packed up and was leaving, we tried to drain the sewer in her trailer but the handle broke and we couldn't get the drain to open. So we were on our way, Decker and I with our kids, pulling our trailer followed behind my Mom and her trailer. As we were exiting Bear Valley onto 1-15 my Moms trailer started swaying a little back and forth.... Which scared Decker and I, but my mom go a handle on it and she called Decker right after that to make sure everything was alright. Well as we were passing Enoch the same thing happened except this time she couldn't control it and the the swaying got worse and then her car started swaying and then she and the trailer flipped once releasing the car and the car flipped 3 1/2 more time. I was freaking out, the feeling that I would never see my Mom came and all I know was that Decker couldn't stop the truck fast enough for me to get out, I was screaming and crying. Decker and I ran to the Hummer and was screaming for her and Decker pulled the sunroof open and there she was in perfect condition. She said that she was fine and crawled out of the sun roof. She was checked out by the paramedics and they let her go, didn't even have to go to the hospital. The Hummer held up so good and all the air bag came out just like they should and On Star called her she said just like the commercials. What we think happened is that all the extra weight in the back from the sewer contributed to the swaying, she pulled the trailer up there just fine but all the water was in the front. I don't really know. I can sit here for hour playing the what if game.... and I do. But it all comes down to it happen and she is okay. She really is fine nothing but a scratch. There are defiantly more details than that but I cant write them all down, all I know is that there was some one looking after my Mom that day. And I am so thankful for that, my Mom means everything to me and to my kids. I love her so much and am glad she is here to tell about it.

Her Hummer is on the far right and the trailer on the left.
her rear left tire flew off.
the trailer, and the sewer spilled everywhere.
I did get my books that she had borrowed. they flew out by the sleeping bag. They hauled the trailer to the land fill. Nothing could be saved, the guy did climb in and get two suit cases that my mom had in there, which were covered in sewer, the clothed inside didn't get one thing on them. but all her other clothes and 3 new jackets were covered with crap ( literally)