Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ride 'em Cowgirls!!!!

We want to thank Hunter for being such a awesome cousin and taking the girls out for a ride on the horse. Tavie was so excited, from the time she woke up and every hour all I heard was "is it time to go meet Hunter so we can ride Kid." They had such a good time,from trying to track Kid down to patiently waiting for their turn! Thanks again Hunter, your the Best!

Hayden, AnnDee, Allie and Tavie

The girl with some grass, So Kid would want to come over! Don't worry they were all to
scared to have the horses eat out of their hands, but couldn't figure out to drop the grass so
the horse would leave them alone!
Hunter getting Kid saddled up!

Tavie going on her ride,

AnnDee on her ride,

And my little Allie on her ride!

I love this picture of Allie and Hunter

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ammon and hayley said...

I loooove This!!! Allie is so cute!