Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Monday night we carved our pumpkins, this year Decker got smart and talked Tavie into doing the easiest pattern. I of course helped Allie. Trissy and Kenzi came over and carved with us. They all turned out so cute:) Then on Tuesday night we all went to Staheli's farm and did the corn mazed. The kids could have stayed there all night if we would let them! It was pretty fun. We went on the barrel ride and got all muddy, it was actually quite fun!! I now feel like we are ready for Halloween. The girls are going to be super girl and Talen is going to be Freddy Krueger. Its going to be fun, I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deer Hunt

This past weekend was the deer hunt, we spent half the time with my family and the other half with Deckers family! And looking at Allie's Face the kids had a lot of fun catching lizards and playing in the dirt!
Tavie, Talen, Kyler and Kajin
I couldn't keep Allie's face clean, so I finally gave up:)

This is the deer that I got!

Decker has trained the kids to pose with the deer!

Allie spotting for deer

Decker's Deer

Daddy and the girls:)

Decker and his Dad!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dashbaord Confessionals concert!!!

A girls trip that was long over do.... On Thursday we all headed down to Las Vegas for the Dashboard Confessionals Concert. I had so much fun acting like I was 16 agian. The concert was great too, they were awesome:)

Before the concert we had to eat at PF Changs, it was worth being late to the concert:)

Jessica, Tara, Cami , Heather and Cassi

Why, Hello Chris

We met up with Steph and Amanda at the Concert!

Good time at the Hotel gift shop!

Cassi and Cami couldn't help but to be gamblers:)

The new Cowgirls:)

Leaving Las Vegas!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

muzzleloader hunt

On Wednesday and Thursday night, Decker and I took the kids hunting. I had so much fun! I always forget how much I like it until I am there with Decker. I really do like this little hobby of his. We really do have so much fun together! Most of Decker's family was there so the kids got to play with their cousins. I am sure that Decker loved the fact that I would rather take pictures than look for deer. But, hey it all about the memories. I am so excited for the rifle deer hunt! Maybe this year I will finally get my first deer!!

Talen, Allie and Tavie

This was on Wednesday night the girls roasting marsh mellows

This was the closet thing to a deer we got ( Allie loved it)

This was when I was suppose to be looking for deer ( I made Decker take it)

Decker trying to show Tavie some deer!!

Allie sitting with Pap-pap

Cole and Allie-gator ( That's what Cole calls Allie)

For some reason Decker thought it would be cool to try and scare the kids with this huge Tarantula, Seriously it was so gross I can't believe he would even touch it!