Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dashbaord Confessionals concert!!!

A girls trip that was long over do.... On Thursday we all headed down to Las Vegas for the Dashboard Confessionals Concert. I had so much fun acting like I was 16 agian. The concert was great too, they were awesome:)

Before the concert we had to eat at PF Changs, it was worth being late to the concert:)

Jessica, Tara, Cami , Heather and Cassi

Why, Hello Chris

We met up with Steph and Amanda at the Concert!

Good time at the Hotel gift shop!

Cassi and Cami couldn't help but to be gamblers:)

The new Cowgirls:)

Leaving Las Vegas!!!


Matt and Marti Jo said...

You girls look like you had fun! I am jealous. I LOVE Dashboard!

Lainee said...

Looks like fun!! Hey and if you want a picture with the pumpkins just walk across the street to the fruitstand and take one! :)

jakeandsteph said...

your pics turned out cute, especially the one of chris!! looks like you had fun shopping to!

John and Cassi said...

Let's go back right now... I will pick you up in 10 min. be ready!!!

John and Cassi said...

thanks for updating my blog... I love you!!!

Chris & KayDee said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Girls trips are definatley needed!