Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deer Hunt

This past weekend was the deer hunt, we spent half the time with my family and the other half with Deckers family! And looking at Allie's Face the kids had a lot of fun catching lizards and playing in the dirt!
Tavie, Talen, Kyler and Kajin
I couldn't keep Allie's face clean, so I finally gave up:)

This is the deer that I got!

Decker has trained the kids to pose with the deer!

Allie spotting for deer

Decker's Deer

Daddy and the girls:)

Decker and his Dad!


Buddy and Traci said...

Way to go Tara...but did you really shoot it yourself;) When I use to hunt, one of the guys always filled my tag...they never gave me a chance. Looks like you guys will be eating lots of venison this year!

Rz n Trissy said...

-k- So really i need a refresher on how to change my background it's way past due..............

John and Cassi said...

it's good to see Allie's face dirty...that's how my kids always look! Nice Deer, you are the WOMAN!