Friday, October 3, 2008

muzzleloader hunt

On Wednesday and Thursday night, Decker and I took the kids hunting. I had so much fun! I always forget how much I like it until I am there with Decker. I really do like this little hobby of his. We really do have so much fun together! Most of Decker's family was there so the kids got to play with their cousins. I am sure that Decker loved the fact that I would rather take pictures than look for deer. But, hey it all about the memories. I am so excited for the rifle deer hunt! Maybe this year I will finally get my first deer!!

Talen, Allie and Tavie

This was on Wednesday night the girls roasting marsh mellows

This was the closet thing to a deer we got ( Allie loved it)

This was when I was suppose to be looking for deer ( I made Decker take it)

Decker trying to show Tavie some deer!!

Allie sitting with Pap-pap

Cole and Allie-gator ( That's what Cole calls Allie)

For some reason Decker thought it would be cool to try and scare the kids with this huge Tarantula, Seriously it was so gross I can't believe he would even touch it!


jakeandsteph said...

tara those were such cute pics especially the one of you and allie! that tarntula was nasty though!

Lainee said...

Looks like fun!! Good luck on the rifle hunt!

Matt and Marti Jo said...

If I saw that tarantula I think I would have packed up and left! But other that that it looks like fun:)

The Hemming Family said...

Wow! What a trooper you are! I am DYING at that spider...and the nightmares begin...