Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jazz game


Grandma Tresa and the girls
Grandpa Frei and the girls
Me and Snow White
Tavie as icarly
Decker with his princess

The kids before trick r treating

Decker and I went to a Halloween party and had so much fun...I nearly peed my pants every time I looked at Decker....he played the part so good!

me, Decker, Sam and Colton

Me and my girlfriend

Deer Hunt!

Up to no good!

Me with the girls!
Talen and Allie
Decker and Tara
Me and the girls
Decker with his girls

Decker with the kids

Carving Pumpkins

Allie loved the pumpkin seeds....she didnt even care about carving as long as could play with the seeds.
Allie getting the seeds out

Corn Maze!!

Me and my HONEY!
Decker and the girls Walking through the corn maze

Decker with the Kids!

Me with the girls in the Corn Maze!

Talen, Tavie and Allie
The Family
Decker and the girls being SILLY:)