Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ironman kids fun run

Last weekend the Ironman was here in St. George! It was so fun to go and watch the amazing athletes who participated. To kick it off they had a 1 mile fun run for the kids and I of course signed my kids up. They had so much fun, Allie keeps asking when she is going to run the ironman again! The night before the race my kids were doing push ups and sit up so they would be ready for their was pretty darn funny! I love these girls!
Tavie getting ready for the run

Allie and Tavie

The group of friends

Me and my best girls!

Tavie went ahead and I didn't see her til she passed on her way back to the finish line, so I only got Allie running but so cute!

Tavie's Field Day

Tavie was so excited for feild day. It was A PRETTY COLD DAY but she did awesome!

Love that Decker has Fridays Off!
Jumping ( dont know what its called)


Deckers Spring season for softball is over. This year they were in the A league and took 3rd in the championship...which I think is pretty awesome! Good job Deck!