Monday, February 22, 2010

Eshelle Dance Clinic!

Tavie and Allie got to preform at halftime for the Snow Canyon High School Game on Friday night!! They both did a awesome job!

Getting their hair in hot rollers!
Make up and Roller done!

Roller out! They looked so beautiful!

Getting ready to go and dance!

Talen, Arrow of Light

This month Talen got his Arrow of light, We are so proud of him for this accomplishment! It was alot of work but he did it!

Talen getting his Weblos Badge

Talen with his Arrow

The Mayor of Santa Clara gave his arrow of light to him


I love this pic....Allie and AnnDee were playing and thing got really quite so I went to go check on them and Allie was reading the Book of Mormon with annDee. So cute!
Allie Loves Kyler amd hang all over him when he is over ( I know Kyler secretly love it too)

Allie also loves ride on Talen's bike pegs. Anytime he rides his bike Allie is right there to make sure she can get on the pegs!

Tavie and Allie doing Deckers hair! I always get the sweetest pictures of him:)

And Talen brushing out Tavies hair for church. Dont ask how this happened cause I have no idea!

Talens Birthday!

This year for Talens Birthday we went snow tubing.....always a family favorite! we had so much fun! I made a cake that morning and of course some hot coco and off the Pine Vally we all went!

Talen and his cousins

Decker, Talen and me with his sweet cake ( dont get jealous cause I am like Betty Crocker)

Talen going down on the snowboard!

The Family:)

Talen and Allie in truck on the way home, allie pretty much finished the cake off her self (she takes after her mama)