Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So tonight was the night that we finally got the tree up. The kids have been begging for days now. We got all the boxes out and started to decorate when I realized that we were missing a couple of boxes.... So no stocking among other things!

This was Allie going through all the old Stockings ( you know the ones that you buy to match each time you have a new baby) it was so funny she would put it on her foot and ask "is this my stocking?" Decker was was going in and out trying to find the lost boxes and when he would pass her she would say "Dad, where is my stocking?" It was quite cute!

This was the girls helping to separate all the tree branches, Tavie wanted to do the very top!

This is the finished product, I had to throw together different things from each year (the ones I could find) to decorate.


Lainee said...

I am so impressed with Decker! I can never get Gavin to help with the Christmas Tree, or play board games with the boys.

Your tree is really pretty!!

Rz n Trissy said...

Hey we going to do Christmas cookies today or what? P.S. I finished the book!!!!!!!!!Give me more!!!!!!!lol I'm going through withdrawls already!

The Hemming Family said...

Oh Christmas Tree...yours is fabulous! Love it, especially the pic with Taive on her dads shoulders, sooo cute! Merry Christmas!

jakeandsteph said...

tara I think it turned out darling, how weird though that you couldn't find your other boxes.

Jessica said...

Fun stuff! Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks. Easton is dying to play with his cousins. Cute family pictures too! Where did you have those taken? I really want to know. Email me. :)

The Frei's said...

Cute tree! You guys did a great job! And great minds think a like huh (cause we have the same background :) )

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Thanks again for the gift & for the little girl outfits. The mom I know is going to be thrilled!
That really was sweet of you. Make sure you tell your girls so they know they have the most amazing mother on the planet!!!
P.S. My parents think you're adorable and think you are so awesome as a mother. I have to agree!