Monday, September 8, 2008

Tavie's BIG NIGHT!!!

On Friday Night Tavie got to cheer at half time for the Snow Canyon Warriors football game, She did such a great job. I am so proud of her. It was also a great opportunity to watch Chase play, GO CHASE!! They lost 40-47, close game, Chase made a great catch to tie the game but a flag was thrown before hand and they had a 10 yard penalty, thanks ref's. So therefore no tie just a loss. It was fun for our friend and family to come watch, so thanks to all that came and supported Tavie!!!

You go Cheerleader!!!

I took this picture so Tavie could see the SC on her cheek, She wanted to find a mirror (I compromised) I really like this picture of her. She is so pretty ( and I'm not just saying that cause I am her Mom)

Kenzi and Tavie

Cute brother and sister moment:)

Tavie, Talen and Allie

Allie, Kenzi and Tavie

I am so glad that Grandma Tresa and Grandma Frei could come!!!!


Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

It's ok I agree she is so cute, and I can't believe how big she is!

Traci said...

Tavie IS so cute! and Allie and Talen too...does Talen live with you guys? BTW ~ I tagged you! Sorry ;)

Rz n Trissy said...

You should post her It's the best!

Matt and Marti Jo said...

Cute little cheerleader! your kids have the pettiest eyes!

Travis and Sjandi said...

your girls are so pretty!!!! i'm excited to finallly have my blog up and running... and if it weren't for you i probably wouldn't have one, so thanks for teaching heather how to do them so she could teach me.